Email A/B testing

The journey to higher open rates sometimes requires trial and error. To get the best possible click rate, email A/B testing is a must-do in your email marketing efforts. What is email A/B testing? Email A/B testing (or split testing) is a broadly-used statistical strategy that helps to optimize email campaigns. It involves creating message […]


The history of spam is full of interesting facts, like the 1st spam message was sent in 1864 via telegraph! But the CAN-SPAM Act isn’t about any old spam, it’s about email spam. Even though email marketing campaigns can target subscribers around the world, every country has different anti-spam regulations. In the United States, email […]

Click To Open Rate

What is a click to open rate? The click-to-open rate (CTOR) is measurement of the number of people who opened an email, then clicked a link within it. Unlike the click-through rate, which is a measurement based on how many clicks your entire distribution received, the click-to-open rate measures ONLY how many clicks opened emails […]

Click Through Rate

What is click-through rate? The click-through rate (CTR) represents the average number of times someone clicks on your email message’s links against the total amount of mail delivered. You can increase conversions and improve your digital marketing ROI with a good CTR. In digital marketing, the CTR formula is unique clicks divided by unique number […]

Email Blocklist

What Is an Email Blocklist? An email blocklist includes all the IP addresses or domains that ESPs detect ISPs as sources of spam. When your address is in a blocklist, the email delivery service rejects the message, resulting in a hard bounce. When ISPs repeatedly get spam alerts from these addresses, blocklists can be permanent. […]

Email Spam

What is spam email? Also known as junk email, email spam is an unsolicited email message usually sent in bulk. Mailbox providers (MBPs) use spam filters to route unwanted emails to the spam folder when the content looks suspicious. When recipients report any email message as spam, future emails from the sender will automatically go […]

Email Blast

What is an email blast? A “blast email” (also called e-blast) is a single message sent to a large email list at once. It’s a simple and common email marketing strategy to raise awareness. Email blasts notify subscribers about events, announcements, updates, flash sales, and new product launches. Emails blasts have been around since the […]

Bulk Email

What is bulk email? A bulk email is a mass email message sent to multiple addresses at once. It typically involves email marketing automation tools and email lists (although recipients aren’t necessarily subscribers). Mass emails, broadcast emails, autoresponders, and email blasts can also be considered bulk emails. Note while everyone gets the same central message, […]

Bounced Email

What is a bounced email? An email bounce, or email bounce back, is an email message rejected by recipient’s mail server. To maintain sender reputation and deliverability, you should replace or remove those addresses from your email list. Email bounces can be temporary (soft bounce) or permanent (hard bounce). The bounce rate shows the number […]