Bulk Email

What is bulk email?

A bulk email is a mass email message sent to multiple addresses at once. It typically involves email marketing automation tools and email lists (although recipients aren’t necessarily subscribers). Mass emails, broadcast emails, autoresponders, and email blasts can also be considered bulk emails.

Note while everyone gets the same central message, emails shouldn’t be the exact same for everyone. The best strategy for your email marketing campaign is personalization and segmentation. This means:

  • Your bulk email can be personalized to mention the subscriber’s name, location, or interests in the subject line
  • You can schedule bulk emails to deliver at different times (e.g., 3 PM in each time zone)
  • You can share different promotions based on recipients’ previous actions (segmentation)

It’s never been easier to send bulk emails with today’s email marketing tools. All you need is an address list and a bulk email service. Pricing changes with the email service provider (ESPs) and sending volume, but free options may allow up to 300 to 500 emails per day.

Bulk emails are standard practice because they’re essential for email marketing campaign automation. For example, you might have to test your marketing strategy with 500-1000 addresses to verify your metrics. Or you need to send an email blast about an urgent update, announcement, or event.

If you want the best bulk email conversions:

  • Don’t add all your contacts to the one email marketing campaign. It will affect the open rate and unsubscribes.
  • Automate segmentation with email marketing software.
  • Include dynamic content in the subject line.
  • Confirm your email deliverability or sender reputation is solid before sending a mass email.

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