Proprietary Mail Transfer Agent Technology

SocketLabs’ proprietary mail transfer agent (MTA) technology provides robust intelligence and flexibility allowing us to perform rapid customization and high-scale execution of critical email deliverability components – including authentication, encryption, white-labeling, traffic-specific sending rules, and more. Whether delivered via our cloud-based solutions or our on-premises solutions (see videos below), we support the delivery of over one million messages per hour with virtually unlimited potential to expand.

This technology was architected by software engineers and insightful subject matter experts who understand the intricacies of email as a critical driver of business success. Our proven solutions have been used around the globe for more than a decade to deliver billions of transactional and marketing messages in support of virtually every industry and business use case.  Our control of the email delivery backbone allows us to easily adapt to the dynamic email ecosystem and be first-to-market with email deliverability and security innovations (most recently MTA-STS and secure engagement tracking) that promote greater brand protection and performance.  

“Socketlabs does a superlative job at the technical aspect of sending email quickly and effectively”

Jim Voss | Executive Vice President, Bridgeline Digital

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SocketLabs MTA is Trusted By:

We tried your competitor and they were almost impossible to get in touch with and when we finally did, they were no help. We have always believed that customer service is the reason for our success and it is nice to do business with a company that feels the same.

Bob Heimann  |  Edge Manufacturing

Hurricane MTA Server has significantly improved our email delivery performance. In addition, the advanced reporting and logging features in Hurricane MTA Server have reduced the time required to investigate deliverability issues by at least 50 percent.

Christopher Harris  |  Email Specialist , Blackbaud

Hurricane MTA Server significantly increased our delivery rate. We generated more traffic to our sites and a greater return for our advertisers. More importantly we can keep our relationship with our readers alive retaining brand loyalty and future proofing our business.