Message Assembly

Hurricane Assembly Server is built on over 15 years experience constructing outbound email messages that are compatible with the RFCs and dominant infrastructures currently in use. Its ability to generate over 5 million outbound text and/or HTML messages per hour. Multiple Hurricane Assembly Servers can work together to increase the output and provide additional scalability and redundancy. Support for advanced outbound email content such as attachments and images enables you to easily create any type of message you need and ensure that it is compatible with the mail systems presently in use on the internet.

Merging Recipients and Related Data

Hurricane Assembly Server will pull your recipients from XML, delimited flat files, or Microsoft SQL Server tables. Data fields related to each recipient can easily be merged into the assembled outbound messages as specified by data place-holders in the templates you create.


Hurricane Assembly Server is a Windows service which uses a central, customer-provided Microsoft SQL Server database to store job data and tracking information. Your custom-built in-house applications create and manage jobs using provided stored procedures that interact with the database. Failed deliveries and open/click events are inserted into the database in real time. Integration with your applications is as easy as accessing a Microsoft SQL database.

Scalability and Throughput

Although one Hurricane Assembly Server is capable of assembling over two million outbound messages per hour on modest hardware, multiple Hurricane Assembly Servers can process and control email jobs in parallel to increase capacity and provide a high-performance, scalable, and redundant platform.

More Features

  • Tracking & Reporting
  • List Hygiene
  • Fail-Safe Operation and Redundancy
  • Job Control & Status
  • Advanced Merging & Targeted Content

For even more features and deeper technical details, click here. An official SocketLabs datasheet is available as well to provide an overview of this on-premises solution.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Hurricane Assembly Server license, please contact our sales department.

SocketLabs Hurricane MTA is Trusted By:

Hurricane MTA Server has significantly improved our email delivery performance. In addition, the advanced reporting and logging features in Hurricane MTA Server have reduced the time required to investigate deliverability issues by at least 50 percent.

Christopher Harris  |  Email Specialist , Blackbaud

Hurricane MTA Server significantly increased our delivery rate. We generated more traffic to our sites and a greater return for our advertisers. More importantly we can keep our relationship with our readers alive retaining brand loyalty and future proofing our business.