Hurricane MTA Server is an enterprise class, advanced email delivery server featuring high performance processing, high deliverability, easy administration, campaign and message tracking, multi-homed virtual servers, deep API integration, built-in reporting and more. Hurricane MTA Server 4.0 represents a significant leap forward in performance, security and customization.

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Compatibility & Integration

Hurricane MTA Server was designed to be integrated with your internal applications. Multiple APIs such as REST and Webhook provide easy to use, platform independent integration points.

Dynamic Block Rules

Dynamic block rules react in real time to ISP responses and take appropriate action to decrease the chances of your email getting blacklisted or blocked.

Alerts & Event Management

Hurricane MTA Server can send and post alerts regarding the operation of the email delivery server to the admin console, to one or more email addresses, and to the Windows event log.

Log Search

Easily locate the delivery state of any email address that has been sent through the server over a specified date range. You can also schedule regular log purging and database maintenance routines.

Queue Detail Management

Visually view the message queue of the email delivery server and drill down to the individual message level to view message content and status.

HTTP Message Queuing

Hurricane MTA Server isn’t only for queuing and delivering email messages — It can also be used to queue and deliver HTTP messages! It provides a high throughput message delivery engine for HTTP post messages, including all of the queuing, deferring and retry you get with SMTP email messages.

Segregate Mailstreams

Need to manage multiple mailstreams directly? Another powerful feature, Virtual MTAs, allows you to separate mail streams using a single Hurricane MTA Server. Each virtual MTA has it’s own queue, delivery rules, configuration settings, log files, and IP addresses. For example, if you generate transactional messages such as confirmations or receipts but also send out marketing newsletters, you may wish to segregate the delivery. Or perhaps you send mail on behalf of multiple customers and need each of their mailstreams to route through a different IP address. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Automatic Suppression Lists

Protecting your IP and sender reputation is critical for deliverability of your email messages. Automatic suppression lists protect your reputation by preventing redelivery to failed, unsubscribed or complaining addresses. Any time a message is rejected with a permanent error code or results in an unsubscribe event or complaint, the To Address is added to a suppression list. If you try to send to that address again, Hurricane MTA Server will reject it without attempting to send. This lowers failure rates and protects reputations significantly.

DKIM and SPF Support

Authentication is one of the first steps you should take to increase your deliverability and prevent fraudulent use of your domain names. Signing your messages with DKIM helps to create trust with the ISPs and recipients by verifying the origin of your messages. Our DKIM Wizard takes the guesswork out of generating keys and gives you clear instructions on how to setup both your DNS and Hurricane MTA Server to get DKIM working right away. Additionally, Hurricane MTA Server is 100% compatible with SPF.

Domain Level Delivery Rules

Delivery rules allow you to shape email traffic patterns that are unique to a particular domain or MX server. Hurricane MTA Server comes preloaded with a set of Smart Delivery rules tailored specifically to each of the major ISP domains like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and more. Updates can be obtained from SocketLabs and you can even customize or add your own rules as well.

Feedback Loop Processing

Hurricane MTA Server is able to process Feedback Loop notifications sent from participating ISPs. Feedback Loop notifications are usually sent when a recipient clicks the spam button. Removing complaining addresses from your list is absolutely critical in maintaining good deliverability. Feedback loop notifications can be used to automatically add email addresses to Hurricane MTA Server suppression lists.

Audit Trail/Archives

Regulatory compliance and SLAs have made auditing and archival a must for many organizations. Hurricane MTA Server’s extensive logging automatically keeps an audit trail of all processing even down to the protocol level. System assigned unique message ids make it easy to track the history of a message. Custom assigned message and/or mailing ids also appear in the logs. Advanced logging options even enable you to store an encoded copy of the entire message as a log column making it easy and automatic to archive every message processed right alongside its log entries.

HTTP Injection API & Merging

We fully support SMTP injection but for faster, more efficient email injection we provide an HTTP-based Injection API. Define your email messages in either JSON or XML and POST them to Hurricane MTA Server for processing. The HTTP Injection API can even construct many messages at once with powerful merge capabilities.

Notification API (Webhook)

Our Notification API pushes sent, bounced, feedback loop, open, click, and unsubscribe event messages via HTTP/S POST to your application. This is a very powerful and platform independent option for integration.

Latest security and Encryption

Hurricane MTA supports the latest security and encryption protocols like MTA-STS and TLS, in addition to DMARC, SPF, and DKIM authentication.

Engagement Tracking and Unsubscribe

Hurricane MTA Server can track all the metrics you need to see how your sends are doing. It can automatically add a tracking pixel to messages and record any open event that occurs and can be configured to encode specific links or all links in a message and track any click that occurs. Hurricane MTA Server also supports an unsubscribe function. We do this in two ways. The first is to automatically add the list-unsubscribe header to each message. When an ISP displays this message to the recipient the email client will provide a mechanism for unsubscribing to that email list. Hurricane MTA Server can also automatically add a footer to every message that contains an unsubscribe link.

Bounce Processing

Hurricane MTA Server makes bounce handling easy and automatic. Every bounce and failure is parsed and categorized so you know what type of bounce it was. VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path) is used to encode the return path of outbound messages. This ensures that bounces automatically flow directly back to Hurricane MTA Server. Our encoding process embeds message identifiers into the return path so that any message id or mailing/campaign id you have tagged the message with, remains with the message even through a bounce event. When Hurricane MTA Server receives a bounced message it is immediately processed and the bounced message, results of the analysis, and custom identifiers are posted to logs and passed through our APIs so you can update your own databases in real time.

.NET and Web Service API Integration

Hurricane MTA Server’s front-end web service API enables your applications to query, control, and configure the MTA. This API enables you to control the entire delivery process right from within your own applications, providing an unsurpassed ability to blend seamlessly into your existing in-house custom applications and data systems. Our real-time event-driven .NET plug-in API enables you to run custom code that Hurricane MTA Server will execute based on delivery events occurring. With the .NET plug-in API you can easily capture sent, bounced, feedback loop, open, and click events in real time and save that data to your own in-house database systems. Click here to view a video demonstrating the basics of Hurricane Server’s event driven plugin API and ways that it can be used to perform business processes in real time (such as database updates and notifications).

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Hurricane MTA Server has significantly improved our email delivery performance. In addition, the advanced reporting and logging features in Hurricane MTA Server have reduced the time required to investigate deliverability issues by at least 50 percent.

Christopher Harris  |  Email Specialist , Blackbaud

Hurricane MTA Server significantly increased our delivery rate. We generated more traffic to our sites and a greater return for our advertisers. More importantly we can keep our relationship with our readers alive retaining brand loyalty and future proofing our business.