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Enterprise Class On-Premise Email Platform

The SocketLabs Hurricane Platform powers SocketLabs On-Demand, our hosted email delivery service, which delivers billions of messages for our customers each year. It is available for on-premise deployment in your organization should you require or prefer an on-premise solution.

The platform consists of three products: Hurricane MTA Server, Hurricane Assembly Server and Hurricane Load Balancer. Hurricane MTA Server is a robust and intelligent Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) capable of processing extremely high volumes of email messages. Hurricane Assembly Server programmatically builds and customizes email messages based on templates and recipient data sources. Hurricane Load Balancer distributes SMTP traffic across one or more MTAs to ensure high availability and scalability.

These products can each work independently of each other. When used together, however, they form a very powerful platform for email generation and delivery.

Hurricane on-premise solutions are ideal for those who have the capability and desire to manage servers in-house, have experience with bulk email delivery, and handle a significant volume of outbound email.

MTA Server


Deliver high
volumes of email quickly & effectively.

Assembly Server


High performance construction and customization of
email messages.

Load Balancer


Ensure high
availability and

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