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The SocketLabs On-Premise Email Solution Components

Hurricane MTA Server

The Hurricane MTA on premise email Server is a robust and intelligent Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) capable of reliably and efficiently processing high volumes of email around the world. Our on-premise email solution has tons of technology built in enabling our hurricane delivery server to process over 1 million messages per hour with dynamic traffic shaping, feedback look analysis, bounce handling, automatic suppression lists and much more.

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Hurricane Assembly Server

The Hurricane Assembly Server programmatically builds and customizes email messages based on templates and recipient data sources. The Hurricane on-premise email solution may be licensed in a variety of configurations designed to suit your needs. You may wish to pair an Assembly Server with an MTA, for example.

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Hurricane Load

The Hurricane Load Balancer distributes SMTP traffic across one or more MTAs to ensure high availability and scalability. This allows existing and new Hurricane MTA Server customers to balance traffic, achieve greater fault tolerance, and add capacity with minimal effort.

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A Few Powerful Features

  • Secure Engagement/Open and Click Tracking
  • Automatic Suppression Lists
  • Dynamic Traffic Shaping
  • .NET Plugin API
  • Injection and Notification APIs
  • Webhook Event Engine

Full Features List

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • 2 GB RAM minimum, preferably 4-8 GB
  • 2.0 Ghz or faster dual core processor minimum (increased performance from additional cores or processors)
  • 10-15k RPM hard disk drive, preferably a dedicated drive or RAID array for Hurricane MTA Server’s exclusive use

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SocketLabs is Trusted By:

We tried your competitor and they were almost impossible to get in touch with and when we finally did, they were no help. We have always believed that customer service is the reason for our success and it is nice to do business with a company that feels the same.

Bob Heimann  |  Edge Manufacturing

We have recently chosen Socketlabs as our SMTP provider because they are really professional, their services are good, fast and nicely supported by the Socketlabs team. The service is good because the emails sent via the SMTP are always delivered and there is a really nice web console where you can check the status of all emails sent. Their support is very fast to reply when you have a question.  It was also very fast and well documented to get up and running.  After investigating SMTP providers Socketlabs appeared to us as the best SMTP provider that fit our needs.  We are happy with them!

Guillaume Peris  |  Sungard

"A few reasons [for why I chose SocketLabs] - You [Customer Service] ... Knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, were willing to help in anyway you could. That direct engagement definitely gave you guys a boost! USA built and supported. I like the additional features that I could wrap my head around later and try to sell as an added service. My goal was to get a trusted IP address to send all of my scanned SMTP mail to. I'm using your service now and I'm already seeing a difference! If it keeps up at anywhere close to the acceptance rate I'm seeing now, I'll be buying the bronze package by 4 PM tomorrow. I know I'm going to have good support from you guys and the platform looks like it's a lot more than I'll ever need."

Brad C.  |  President, I. T. Pioneers, Inc.

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Hurricane MTA On-Premise Email Server

Hurricane MTA is an on-premise email server featuring high deliverability, along with API integration, built-in reporting, and more.

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