Your Audience and Your Email Performance: The Musical


No pressure or anything, but your email program is a very public performance, and the joy and rapture of your audience is entirely in your hands. The content is your song and dance, and the inbox is your stage. Can you feel the heat of the lights?!  Seriously, though, email really isn’t even a “thing” […]

Engagement and Reputation are Two Sides of the Same Coin

A coin with a thumbs down (or up!) on one side and a check mark on the other. The blog post is called "Email Engagement and Reputation are Two Sides of the Same Coin".

Even the most veteran email professionals might have different understandings of “engagement” and “reputation” and their impact on a sender’s deliverability. For some, they are different words with the same meaning, but for others, they mean two different things with important differences.  That sounds like a riddle, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s more like looking […]

Monitoring Email Metrics After Google and Yahoo Enforcement 

monitoring google and yahoo metrics

The deed is done: Google and Yahoo’s new requirements are officially in effect (except for one-click list-unsubscribe). Now that we’re less worried about getting prepared, we can turn our attention to monitoring the actual impact of the new rules on your email performance.  We’ve mentioned before you don’t really need to worry about negative consequences […]

2024 is the Year of the One-click List-unsubscribe

one-click list-unsubscribe

2024 is already abuzz with new, mandated standards for bulk email senders from two of the largest mailbox providers (MBPs): Google and Yahoo. While we’ve written about the DMARC requirements a few times, senders will also need to adopt one-click list-unsubscribe headers for their messages to be delivered. You have until June to get this […]

How to Create and Publish a DMARC Record

DMARC Record

Hi again. We’re back with more DMARC info to prepare you for Google and Yahoo’s requirement to have a DMARC record published for your sending domain.   Does this sound new to you? Don’t worry, we have more information about the new standards for those two mailbox providers here. If the concept of DMARC is new […]

Monitoring SMTP Failures to Improve Email Performance

SMTP failures

Like we’ve covered before, simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is the common standard for sending email, especially when talking about transactional emails like password resets and shipping notifications. However, though it’s reliable and been in use for decades now (wow), it’s not something you want to trust blindly because you still will experience SMTP failures […]

First 2024 Priority: Meeting Google and Yahoo Email Standards 

Google and Yahoo email standards

When do mailbox providers’ preferences become less of a best practice and more of a better-do-this-or-else practice? We found out recently Google and Yahoo email standards are changing when they announced they’ll require senders to follow a set of security protocols to even be admitted entrance to their users’ inboxes.  Since this is a broad […]

DMARC Your Calendar: Using DMARC Ahead of Google and Yahoo Changes

DMARC calendar

It’s a law of nature: Before one year ends, you’re stressed about the year ahead. Y2k, am I right? No, none of us were right.  Anyway, as if the holiday sending season wasn’t chaotic enough, the email community is abuzz with the looming deadline of Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements. We have a more […]