Customer experience is everything in today’s online world – and email plays a critical (and growing) role in achieving great CX. That’s why on Tuesday, October 1st, SocketLabs held its first ever Science of CX event in London, UK. We were joined by industry leading CX veterans to discuss topic such as:

  • Keynote: Innovative Customer Support Strategies & Measuring Customer Experience; Lindsay Willott – CEO, Customer Thermometer
  • Optimizing the Customer Journey: From Awareness and Interest to Purchase and Beyond; Tony Munday – Commercial Director, Sub2 Technologies
  • The Growing Role of Email in CX; Keith Hontz – CEO, SocketLabs
  • Beyond Brick and Mortar: The Omnichannel Experience; Linda Farha – President, Zenergy Communications
  • The Growing Role of Emotional Intelligence; Nichole Kelly – Director of Strategy, WebMechanix

Science of CX Event Overview

Event Highlights

Keith Hontz | SocketLabs, CEO

Lindsay Willott | Customer Thermometer, Founder & CEO

Tony Munday | Sub2Tech, Commercial Director

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Email Deliverability Matters

The Science of Hitting the Inbox

Did you know that 20% of legitimate emails are blocked before they ever reach the recipient’s inbox? Missing or delayed emails not only lead to support headaches, but they also lead to customer churn. Learn how to improve your email deliverability and the key steps you can take right now to ensure that your emails make it to the inbox on time, every-time.

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