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Bulk Email Services: For when you want to reliably reach more people with your message.

Try SocketLabs’ bulk email service and send trackable high volume emails simply and affordably. Our SocketLabs On-Demand solution integrates seamlessly with any email application.  If you’ve got an email account, you’ll be up and running with our simple, seamless email delivery solution within minutes.

We may be known as innovators of email software, but we also strive to offer our clients more than reliable delivery of your bulk email. With SocketLabs, you get access to real time reporting for instant analysis of your messages or email campaign.  Enjoy the competitive advantage our bulk email delivery service and detailed statistics can provide. Our easy to use dashboard even offers an Outbound Quality Score so you can gauge the effectiveness of your emails in a glance.

Cutting edge technology and live technical support for your bulk email needs.

At SocketLabs, we understand how important a reliable high volume bulk email delivery service is to internet marketing companies. We also understand the importance of the human touch. That’s why in addition to our commitment to cutting edge email technology, we offer friendly and responsive customer service and support.

Ready to give our bulk email services a try? Our client-friendly policies make it easy and stress-free with SocketLabs On-Demand packages starting at just $39/month — with no contract, no obligation, and a full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with our service.

There’s no risk to get started with our bulk email services today. Why not sign up for a free account?

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