StreamScore™ is the quantitative system that allows SocketLabs to evaluate how the email is performing with respect to the myriad of rules established by ISPs, SPAM detection software, and industry watchdog groups. The analysis is based primarily on sender-controlled factors that can be measured and actively managed to improve email performance. SocketLabs isolates and tracks these factors for each stream of mail that is sent through a client’s account, facilitating an in-depth level of analysis and awareness.

StreamScore™ Analytics: Aggregate Data

The aggregate score is strongly correlated to the deliverability and success rate that a client experiences – the higher the score, the better the results are. The score reflects how the world of receiving mailboxes (the largest members being Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail) is judging the quality of a sender’s email approach on a regular basis, and how it is constructing an opinion about that sender – known as their “reputation”.

A strong reputation indicates that the sender is following best practices and is therefore avoiding the “red flag” issues that negatively impact messages performance.

StreamScore™ breaks down email quality scores into several component parts to help identify the specific elements of their email content in order to understand which elements are causing disruption. Once the problematic areas are identified, SocketLab’s delivery consultants can diagnose a clients’ mail lists
and content to evaluate and recommend performance enhancements.

StreamScore™ Analytics: Detail Report

The StreamScore™ email analytics tool breaks down your overall StreamScore™ Detail Report into specific performance components. Success in each category is driven by how well you comply with email delivery best practices for list, content, and operational management.

  • Evaluate how the email is performing with granular and actionable data on messages blocked, bounced, and more
  • Real-time insight for optimizing outbound email on the fly
  • Get clear insight so you can make corrections before minor issues become major problems

Check out this 32 second overview of the StreamScore™.

StreamScore™ Email Data Analytics Components

This blog entitled The Components of StreamScore™ offers a detailed description of each of the individual performance components that make up your StreamScore™ and these components are:

Hard Fail Score

The Hard Fail Score measures the quality of your email list and the degree to which emails are being sent to valid addresses.

Block Score

The Block Score measures the quality of your email content and the degree to which your email content is preventing messages from being delivered.

Spam Score

The Spam Score measures the ability of your email messages to avoid being trapped in content or anti-spoofing filters.

Complaint Score

The Complaint Score measures direct feedback from Yahoo and Hotmail regarding the number of complaints generated by your email.

How StreamScore™ Adds Value

The StreamScore™ process isolates specific delivery parameters such as:

  • How often a specific email stream is sending messages to invalid addresses
  • How often email in this stream is marked as spam by the end recipients
  • How often messages in this stream are rejected by receiving mail servers due to their content
  • How often SocketLabs’ custom-designed content analysis engine identifies messages from this stream as “possible spam”
  • How relevant is the content and how “engaged” or interested recipients are with the client’s messages
  • How clients’ different mail streams compare to one another
  • What specific steam characteristics are in need of review or revision to improve performance

SocketLabs believes that truly understanding email performance requires the ability to evaluate and analyze email delivery at a level that is granular enough to allow the isolation and correction of problems. More specifically, armed with an empirical, in-depth understanding of the relevant variables, it becomes more possible to identify, critique, and remedy the issues that are weighing down performance. Consequently, we have implemented a systematic process that measures the impact of list, content, and relevance. SocketLabs’ StreamScore™ reporting suite provides a simple real-time dashboard through which clients can easily see how their email is performing across a variety of qualitative variables. This data provides the transparency that allows clients and SocketLabs’ technical consultants need to conduct ongoing performance optimizations and to maximize clients’ email ROI.

How StreamScore™ Drives Practice

As a pioneer in the ESP marketplace, SocketLabs has been helping clients optimize email performance for more than a decade and began capturing email quality data for clients in 2011. The analysis below shares insights from our experience analyzing and leveraging this data to create success for our clients. It provides a unique statistical vantage point that illustrates how organizations can purposefully manage their email quality variables to control and elevate their business performance. The analysis includes the real-world data of high-volume senders from a variety of industries, demonstrating how the range of circumstances and response can differ greatly depending upon the nature of each organizations’ business objectives and uses cases.

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