The StreamScore™ email analytics tool breaks down your overall StreamScore™ Detail Report into specific performance components. Success in each category is driven by how well you comply with email delivery best practices for list, content, and operational management.

  • Evaluate how the email is performing with granular and actionable data on messages blocked, bounced, and more
  • Real-time insight for optimizing outbound email on the fly
  • Get clear insight so you can make corrections before minor issues become major problems

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StreamScore™ Email Data Analytics Components

Hard Fail Score

The Hard Fail Score measures the quality of your email list and the degree to which emails are being sent to valid addresses.

Block Score

The Block Score measures the quality of your email content and the degree to which your email content is preventing messages from being delivered.

Spam Score

The Spam Score measures the ability of your email messages to avoid being trapped in content or anti-spoofing filters.

Complaint Score

The Complaint Score measures direct feedback from Yahoo and Hotmail regarding the number of complaints generated by your email.

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