In business, you can’t afford to have unreliable email service.

Email of various types – transactional email, marketing email, and other high-volume applications – is still one of the most powerful and effective means of communication. But none of your email communication matters if it doesn’t reliably arrive at its destination.

At SocketLabs, we deliver. Ensuring our SMTP email delivery services and the underlying technologies are reliable is our top priority. Every day our team of email gurus and reliable email servers help companies deliver hundreds of millions of messages.

How it All Works

  • Our servers are housed across multiple datacenters in diverse locations across the country ensuring your service is uninterrupted.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of our system checks end-to-end server function and pinpoints any problems to be addressed immediately.
  • Scalable cloud technology accommodates dips and spikes in activity and system load so our clients get the resources they need – when they need them.

Want to get more technical?

Learn about how we use scalable cloud technology, redundancy and 360 degree monitoring to ensure our systems provide the most reliable email services in the industry.

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