You’re probably missing out on one of the highest impact forms of email: transactional email. Although it is underutilized by the vast majority of businesses, when optimized, transactional emails generate up to 8x more opens and clicks and 6x more revenue than traditional marketing email.

At SocketLabs, we help thousands of clients send billions of emails around the globe, and we’ve taught some of the leading companies how to implement transactional emails that grow their bottom line by leaps and bounds.

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Learn how to turn transactional email into a goldmine:

  • Understand the categories of transactional emails you are already sending
  • Learn the transactional email tips that will help you avoid the spam filter
  • Find out how to send event-driven transactional emails using SMTP and APIs
  • Design the perfect transactional email
  • Learn how to deliver transactional emails without CAN-SPAM and GDPR penalties
  • And more!

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