How We Got to 5-9s Uptime

What does “5-9s” mean? Learn this and how SocketLabs architecture supports email versatility and deliverability!

Triggered Email: Beyond the Blast

An illustration of a person receiving a triggered email.

The scene: a late-night Amazon scrolling session where your cart is full of must-have items like an avocado slicer, a tofu press, and a vintage butter knife. But wait! You put down the phone and go to sleep, your wallet thankful for your willpower. But then! The next morning you get the email you didn’t […]

Introducing SocketLabs Concierge

socketlabs concierge

The SocketLabs Concierge Package makes email at scale easy with personalized expertise and intelligent reporting focused around your unique needs.

SocketLabs StreamScore™

Streamscore email reputation monitor

Email intelligence that shows you how your email is performing, areas that need work, and what you can do to get more from your email program.