Are You Prepared for the Holidays?

Are You Ready to Send More Email over the Holiday Season?

Did you know that during the holidays we tend to see email traffic increase by up to 30% platform wide?

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and if you’re planning to send more email during the holiday season then now is the perfect time to prepare and optimize your SocketLabs service.

tis the season to send emailAs we enter the season of high email traffic, you might be wondering…

Why Should I Start Preparing for Holiday Traffic Now?

That’s a great question. If you plan to send more email over the holiday season then there is a chance that your email service could be interrupted if you happen to go over your current message plan settings.

So if email is important to your business during the holidays, then you should review your SocketLabs Server settings as soon as possible to ensure that you are prepared for more email traffic.

To help you prepare, here are three tips that you can take advantage of right now to get yourself ready.

Clean Your Lists

The first thing that you can do to optimize your SocketLabs service for the holiday season is to clean your lists. Reduce your usage by removing suppressed email addresses from your list. Also, consider removing emails of people who haven’t engaged with your content within a few years.

To clean your list, follow the instructions below.

  • Log into the Control Panel
  • Click the View button next to your Server
  • Click on the Configuration link in the menu bar
  • Select View Suppression List under the Suppression List Section within the Config menu.  Login Now!

Save Money by Increasing Your Message Plan

Plan to send more messages during the holiday season?

Then consider upgrading your SocketLabs Server to a higher message plan. By upgrading, you can reduce your per-message rate and may be able to save money through the holiday season (you can always downgrade your plan later).

Follow these steps to increase your message plan:

  • Log into the Control Panel
  • Click the View button next to your Server
  • Select the Subscription menu item
  • Then choose your desired plan

Click here to increase your message plan >>

Adjust Your Overage Handling Settings

Your SocketLabs Server can send more email than your plan includes, but by default it’s restricted to 200% of your message plan. This setting is used for your protection, but you can adjust this “safety-valve” to ensure your service is not interrupted for this reason.

To adjust your overage handling settings follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Control Panel
  • Click the View button next to your Server
  • Select Configuration from the menu near the top of the page
  • Then select Manage Overage Settings. Adjust Now!

Now Is the Time to Prepare

Our customers tend to see traffic increase in early October. If you are expecting any increase in traffic then we urge you to start preparing for your holiday traffic as soon as possible.

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Already Prepared for the Holidays?

If you’re ready for the holidays, but know anyone else who needs to prepare for sending an increased volume of email during the holidays, then please forward this email along to them so they can be better prepared.

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Happy Holidays! ?