Email in 2025 Featuring Bob Sybydlo, ENVERTAdigital

Please welcome Bob Sybydlo!

Bob Sybydlo is a seasoned marketer with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in digital marketing strategies, business growth, and deliverability thought leadership at ENVERTAdigital. He excels in navigating the dynamic digital landscape, utilizing business intelligence tools to drive success. As a respected leader, he has achieved notable results in CRM, automation, privacy compliance, transformation, social media, and international business development.

Are you triggered!? Bob Sybydlo thinks email should be, and be more triggered than ever in 2025. His vision of how these could work and open up

How do you see email fitting into the marketing mix in 2025?

My hope for email is it will (finally) become less about quantity and more about quality. Bulk sending has only accomplished hurting email as an effective channel, which is shame because of how personalized and effective it can be. Email serves as the initial digital connection with customers and it should make each individual feel valued and engaged in a genuine conversation.

What about email do you see as a nice-to-have for now, but feel will be considered table stakes by 2025?

I imagine real-time triggers within email will be table stakes soon. An email program proactively or reactively sending relevant communications applicable to the individual are becoming easier to build and operate and will ensure the email channel is not abused over approached lackadaisically.

What do you hope or wish to see change within email by 2025?

While I understand all of the potential issues here, it would be great to see a little more functionality added to email so customers can (somewhat) interact with your communication and send it back to trigger follow-up actions. This would add a whole new dimension to email and will allow it to keep pace with web, app, and push communications.

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