Email in 2025 Featuring Tim Moore, SocketLabs

Email in 2025 contributor card highlighting SocketLabs CEO Tim Moore

Please welcome our own SocketLabs CEO, Tim Moore!

Tim is a self-proclaimed email nerd with 16+ years of email experience spanning across deliverability, anti-phishing, marketing automation at scale, and email analytics. His experiences at industry leading companies (Return Path, 250ok, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Valimail) have led him to SocketLabs where the mission is to optimize email infrastructure.

How do you see email fitting into the marketing mix in 2025?

After several years of other channels receiving more attention, the pendulum will undoubtedly swing back towards email. However, it’s essential to note that this shift isn’t arbitrary. This resurgence is based on three significant, yet likely, conditions:

  1. The crucial innovations spearheaded by large mailbox providers aim to dramatically improve and evolve the end-user experience. These innovations will rejuvenate email’s role, setting it apart in the 2025 marketing mix.
  2. There’s no overlooking the importance of modern data solutions. The continued emergence of modern data warehouses, composable CDPs, new data activation companies, and smart infrastructure providers are on track to usher in an era of highly personalized, real-time email messages.
  3. Ecosystem cooperation will be the glue holding it all together. The potential of a united email community – encompassing mailbox providers, analytics firms, anti-spam providers, ESPs, and infrastructure providers – sharing data, insights, and technology cannot be understated. The shared vision? To vastly improve the recipient’s experience.

What about email do you see as a nice-to-have for now, but feel will be considered table stakes by 2025?

The marketing landscape is evolving, and our understanding of ‘standard’ within email will, too. The continuous rise of modern data warehouses, composable CDPs, and data activation companies signifies a future where real-time, highly personalized email messages aren’t just a bonus but a basic expectation.

What do you hope or wish to see change within email by 2025?

I’d love to see the entire email community, from mailbox providers to ESPs, come together to galvanize around email’s potential. This alliance would mean sharing data, pooling knowledge, and collaboratively developing technology, all directed toward a common ambition: enhancing the recipient’s experience. While technology and tools are essential, collaboration will be the driving force behind transformative change in the email space.