Important SocketLabs On-Demand API Change

If you are using the SocketLabs On-Demand API, there is a change coming that may affect you. This change only applies to the messagesProcessed method of the SocketLabs On-Demand API. If you are not using the messagesProcessed method, then this change will not affect you.

Currently the messagesProcessed method of the SocketLabs On-Demand API returns both successfully delivered and failed outbound email message events. This is redundant, as another method (messagesFailed) already returns events for failed outbound messages. Since we store data in a manner similar to the way that it is returned by the API, this is causing duplication of data on our servers. By removing the duplicated data, we can reduce the resource usage on the API servers and increase your API performance.

Effective February 10th, 2011, the messagesProcessed method should no longer be used to retrieve events for failed outbound messages. If you are using the messagesProcessed method to retrieve failed message event data, you should change your code to retrieve this data from the messagesFailed method instead.

If you would like to view the updated API documentation it can be found here.