Introducing Our New Email Designer

Draggable, Droppable, Unstoppable

It’s been a while since we released the first version of our email newsletter design feature back in 2014. Although it was a good first effort, it never really lived up to the vision that we had for creating email content. I am happy to announce that we have released an all new email content designer!. Our new drag and drop email designer enables anyone to create great looking email content that renders successfully across modern (and even some not-so-modern)¬†mail readers.

In this brief 67 second video you can see how the new designer works and how easy it is to create great looking email content.

Although the video was sped up (to accommodate our short attention spans) the process took less than 5 minutes in our new designer!

The new email designer supports HTML and/or text parts. HTML can either be produced in the new drag and drop editor, or supplied as standard HTML (for example if you want to paste content from DreamWeaver). Plain text only messages can be created as well as multi-part (text and HTML) messages.

In addition to the new email designer, the entire marketing area of the SocketLabs On-Demand Control Panel has been given a facelift and fitted out with improved usability.

These new email newsletter design tools and features are available to all of our customers today.

Edit Feb 2, 2016: We are currently offering the new editor and our marketing features to our customers at no additional charge. To try the new editor, just log into the Control Panel, click the View button next to your server to go to the Server Dashboard. From the Server Dashboard, click the Email Marketing Menu item and select Create New Email Content from the Email Content section. Have fun!

If you do not have a SocketLabs On-Demand account, you can try it for free.

We have a lot more in store for 2016! Happy New Year!

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