SocketLabs Is Now Privacy Shield Certified

Privacy Shield
SocketLabs is committed to data privacy, security, and transparency. Today, we’re happy to announce that SocketLabs received approval from the U.S Department of Commerce for its EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certification.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to making it easier for SocketLabs customers to comply with EU and Swiss data protection laws.

What is Privacy Shield?

Privacy Shield is a self-certification program that enables organizations to lawfully transfer personal data from the EU and Switzerland, to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce.

What are the Requirements for SocketLabs?

To achieve and maintain Privacy Shield certification, SocketLabs must adhere to a number of Privacy Shield principles and core requirements that are consistent with EU and Swiss law. This includes requirements such as:

  • Maintaining data integrity and purpose limitation
  • Implementing appropriate security controls and policies
  • Ensuring accountability for data transferred to third parties
  • Conducting reviews on an annual basis that all Privacy Shield requirements are met

Where can I find more information about Privacy Shield?

For more information about the Privacy Shield and the certification process, visit

To view our Privacy Shield certification, visit:

To read our Privacy Policy regarding data covered by our Privacy Shield certification, please visit:

In addition to Privacy Shield, we are busy preparing for the upcoming GDPR deadline. To learn more about what SocketLabs is doing regarding the GDPR, visit our recent blog post:
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