Analytics: Visualize Delivery Statistics & Trends

Sending is only the first step in a successful outbound email program. Analytics is a critical “next step” that allows your IT, marketing, finance and executive teams to make better informed decisions. You can therefore apply the fine tuning necessary to modify and hone your email program to peak performance.

The control panel

The Control Panel: Your Window into Performance

Upon sign up, we give you a log-in to our web-based email analytics software control panel that provides detailed reporting and analytics on your account. This real-time summary gives you by-the-minute updates and dives into the details of all the outbound messages sent, failed, opened, and clicked on, as well as all complaints submitted. Additionally, your account includes critical bounce processing information.

Dashboard Details Defined

In the SocketLabs email suppression list dashboard, you can view email failure data to learn what went wrong. You can review data points such as:

  • Injected Messages: Shows the number of outbound messages you injected for delivery.
  • Sent Messages: The number of outbound messages successfully accepted by the recipient’s ISP.
  • Failed/Bounced Messages: Counts the number of outbound messages unable to be delivered: “failed” messages are measured in real-time, “bounced” are initially accepted but then sent back by the recipient’s ISP. Both are included in this count and details are available for all messages that don’t get delivered.
  • Recipient Complaints: Shows the number of feedback loop complaints, or messages marked as spam, received from your recipients. The Complaints Report provides detail on each of these complaints.
  • Opens/Clicks: Counts the number of times your outbound HTML email was opened, and/or a link in your message was clicked. You must have tracking enabled for your server in order to see these results.
  • Inbound Message Parsing: The email analytics software counts the number of email messages that were captured from inbound smtp traffic, parsed and forwarded via HTTP POST to a specified URL.

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