Visualize and Monitor with SocketLabs
Advanced Email Analytics Software

Better Data Drives Better Performance

Making the perfect email is only one small part of a successful outbound email program. What happens after you hit send, is just as critical. With our advanced email analytics, you can monitor all aspects of your email from a high level snap-shot, to a detailed breakdown of each component.

Email analytics software from SocketLabs allows your sales or marketing teams to gain insight on how to tailor your email programs to achieve the results you’re aiming for. SocketLabs also offers consulting services for customers who seek expert analysis and email performance optimization from the pros.

Start leveraging advanced email marketing analytics to measure performance and maintain visibility for your most important campaigns.

The SocketLabs Control Panel Email Analytics Tool Offers:

  • An email analytics dashboard for measuring & monitoring results on all levels.
  • Real-time delivery status notifications and updates.
  • StreamScore™ detailed reporting for advanced insight into your email performance & reputation.
  • Detailed email reports on delivered and failed messages, complaints, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more.

Email Analytics with Expert Guidance

In addition to our self-serve features, we also offer additional deliverability consulting. We have email experts on hand available to help assess your email performance and work with you to make changes and adjustments that can help improve your deliverability.