360 Degree Monitoring

I am happy to announce that we have launched our 360 Degree Email Monitoring project.

What is 360 Degree Email Monitoring? This is an aggressive monitoring system that we developed to help us instantly detect and correct any bottlenecks that may occur in our outbound email delivery network, and measure real outbound email delivery performance every minute of every day.

Traditional server monitoring only verifies that servers are listening. But just because a server is listening, does not mean that it is doing its job properly.

SocketLabs 360 Degree Email Monitoring emulates a user outside of our network who is sending outbound email through our systems. Each message the monitor sends is tracked throughout our entire infrastructure until it is delivered to the inbox. The monitoring system tells us exactly how long it takes to deliver each message, and if it detects any issues, it sounds alarms that point us to the piece of infrastructure that needs attention, so we can remedy the problem right away.

Monitoring in this fashion gives us yet another way to ensure that we are providing the fastest and most trusted outbound email delivery network available. In the coming months we are expanding our 360 Degree Email Monitoring to offer even more thorough analysis and alerts and even expose this data to our customers.

360 Degree Email Monitoring is a service mark of SocketLabs, Inc.

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