Autoresponders: How They Benefit Your Business

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Socketlabs’ Autoresponders are messages you create that are sent once to each new contact as they are added to a particular list. You choose how long the system waits to send the message, so you can have us email new contacts after a day, a month, or even right away. For example, you may want new customers to receive a welcome email an hour after being added to your contact list, or perhaps you’d like to send a few timely new-user tutorials over the course of several days. That’s where email autoresponders come in handy!

Automatic email response is particularly beneficial to businesses, and here are some simple yet significant ways you can use them.

1. Welcome Your Customers

Establishing a relationship with your customers immediately has never been more important than it is in this age of information at your fingertips. People can navigate from one website to the next almost instantly, so you have to work harder than ever to keep someone’s attention once you’ve attracted it in the first place.

Your brand is never fresher in their minds than just after signing up; they’ve recently viewed your website, seen your logos, and learned your name. A lot of people, however, sign up for services and then forget about them, never to return. This is especially true for trial services. Contacting new customers right away helps cement your brand in their mind.

Welcome your customers, let them know you genuinely appreciate their business, and give them a few ideas for how to get started to retain more new sign-ups.

2. Keep Your Customers Informed

Speaking of giving them ideas, it’s always a good idea to keep your customers informed. Sending new users a message every few days after sign-up, each outlining a useful feature or bit of information about your organization, gives customers something to go on. Rather than leaving them to flounder through your website or help documents on their own, guide them through the process of using your services. Show them step-by-step how to become the best user they can, and you’ll grow your relationship.

Remind trial service customers how long they have left. Shops, restaurants, etc. can send out sample menus or highlight special inventory. This automatic email response and passing-on of important information will keep people interested with a minimum of effort.

3. Keep Your Customers Engaged

Most important of all is keeping your audience’s interest. This is what will turn new customers into long-term users!

The biggest benefit to email Autoresponders is making sure the customer knows you and your product by simply keeping in touch. If they don’t hear from you for long periods of time, it doesn’t help them remember who you are. If they don’t remember you, they may not use your service.

Entice new customers to return by sending out a coupon after 30 days. Try sending customers who have made a purchase a survey about their shopping experience (then thank them for their feedback). If you keep a list of “Yes” RSVPs to an event, send a confirmation.

Now you know some great ways Autoresponders can be utilized to maintain and strengthen businesses’ relationships with customers. The examples in this article are just the beginning!

This feature is available on all Socketlabs servers. For more information on how to set these up, see our Knowledgebase article: Your First Autoresponder. If you’re not already our customer, sign up for a free account and give Autoresponders a try today!

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