Top 3 Benefits of DMARC

Today we’re going to talk a little about the benefits of DMARC.

What is DMARC?

DMARC is an email technology that is really cool. It’s essentially an email authentication protocol that is designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use.

DMARC email authentication is really valuable to companies because it has three main benefits.

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First Benefit of DMARC: Reporting

First DMARC lets organizations and domain owners get reports about the email messages that they’re sending across the internet. The reporting mechanism with DMARC provides you with insights that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

It gives you this holistic overview of all the email messages processing on behalf of an organization and their domains. This overview tells you all sorts of great insights like:

  • What percent of messages are being properly authenticated
  • Which ones aren’t being authenticated
  • Where the messages are coming from
  • Who’s receiving the emails

This data is really valuable and can help organizations and IT departments make better decisions about what they’re doing with email communications.

Second Benefit of DMARC: Control

Secondly, DMARC lets organizations get full control through a DMARC policy that instructs mailbox providers and receiving email systems about what to do when they get a message that says it’s from that domain or organization, but doesn’t have email authentication technologies applied to it.

Historically email has been riddled with spam and spoofing and organizations have very little control over what they can do to prevent that from happening.

Well, DMARC is the solution for that.

It actually solved the problem for organizations who want that control and it actually gives you a huge value-add in terms of security.

Third Benefit of DMARC: Security

The third benefit of DMARC is security.

The security benefits of DMARC are really astounding. Having control over your stream of email messages really allows them to be more trusted and drive more value to the messages that you send.

DMARC is again driving a ton of value in different aspects of your business.

  • 1) It’s giving you these reporting and analytics insights
  • 2) It’s giving you the ability to set controls and policies about what happens with your email messages
  • 3) And it gives you this value out of trust in security

For those three reasons DMARC is really important.

dmarc email authentication

Getting Started With DMARC

For SocketLabs customers, we can make the process of deploying DMARC easier.

Our technology in both DKIM and SPF email authentication technologies, which are really the building blocks of DMARC, are some of the most complex tasks in achieving DMARC compliance.

For email messages, we make that really easy. It can be as simple as just plugging in our platform and letting us manage the delivery of a stream of email messages. And we can simplify the process of getting that mail DMARC compliant in a matter of minutes.

So for IT organizations looking to add the benefits and security and insights that DMARC can provide, the team of email experts here at SocketLabs are great advisers to have in the process of rolling out DMARC in an organization and setting up your DMARC record.

Our area of expertise here could really make it a simple process for you as an organization or domain owner to deploy DMARC and really start enjoying the benefits that it provides today. If you’d like help creating a DMARC record, then you can reach us by phone, by email, or live chat right on our website. One of our email experts will be glad to help with your DMARC setup and and sending DMARC compliant messages today.

Learn more about email authentication with SocketLabs.

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