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Have you ever tried to send mail in PHP? Do a simple search for “php send email” and you will find articles about PHPMailer, phpmail(), php mail function, mail(), and all of the SMTP settings that have to be managed just to send email.

Managing all of these settings is hard enough, but what about deliverability?

Have you ever successfully sent PHP email to an inbox? Try sending yourself an email using any of these methods. In most cases, your emails will land in the spam folder.

Imagine having to tell a client, “Yeah… check your spam folder for the email.” This is a little embarrassing, but it’s a common reality that many developers face when enabling their applications to send email in PHP.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the simplest way to send emails in PHP, so you can:

  • Deliver emails from your app or website without having to edit your php.ini file
  • Easily enable sending functionality without setting up and configuring a mod_smtpd server
  • Send emails even if curl is not working
  • Send emails from your web server that will actually land in the inbox.

How to send Emails in PHP using an Email API PHP Library

The fastest and easiest way to use PHP to send mail is to use a PHP library for sending email.

What does “library” mean as it relates to PHP?

A library is essentially pre-written code that you can make use of in your own program, without having to write from scratch yourself. When sending email with PHP, you can use a send email PHP library to quickly enable email sending functionality in your app.

SocketLabs has recently released a PHP library that will allow you to build email content from your web server and then send emails from remote email servers (not the server that hosts your website). This library gives you full access to all of the features offered by our PHP Email API.

This ensures that mail created from a PHP app or site, will reach the intended recipient’s inbox.

PHP Send Email Library Benefits

    • The SocketLabs PHP library has no external dependencies.
    • It makes it easy to build, customize, and send emails in PHP, including email messages with to, from, cc, bcc, attachments, and custom headers.
    • The library also has a ton of pre-written code examples to demonstrate more advanced topics like sending bulk mail, merge data, and other features.

If you want a PHP library to send emails straight out of the box, (no dealing with a PHP SMTP server, no setting up CURL, no apache configuration, and no third party libraries) then learn more about our PHP library here.

Visit our Developer Hub to see our full suite of Email APIs and send email libraries for other languages such as .NET, Node.JS, Java, Python, and GO.

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