.Net Send Email: Introducing the C# Library for The .NET Framework

.net send email

If you’re looking to send email from an application built with the .NET framework, then look no further than our newly created C# library for sending email. This library leverages our Injection API for sending email, so you can send messages from any app or website.

Introducing the .NET Send Email C# Library

We at SocketLabs have recently released a new C# library designed to facilitate the rapid and easy integration of the functionality of our send email API (referred to as the Injection API at SocketLabs) into your business flow. This simple to use library makes it a snap to build and send any type of message supported by our Injection API, from a simple outlook style message to a complex bulk message to a group with separate merge data for each recipient.

The C# send email library also includes an extensive set of working examples designed to clearly demonstrate all the available functionality of our Injection API. Everything from including attachments to merging recipient unique data into each message. Within minutes of downloading our C# library you can be sending your first messages.

This library is full featured and designed to help support the preferred coding patterns of your developers with numerous helpers, extensions and interfaces.

You can also use this library for when your .NET app needs to send email without an smtp server.

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