Our Email Designer Just Got Even Better With Sections & Elements

See how we made it even easier for anyone to create a great looking email with our Email Designer.

Today, we’re proud to unveil the first of many big changes to the Email Designer coming from our dedicated developers and designers who managed to do some awesome work, even with Nerf Darts blazing past their heads.

Let us introduce you to the newest version of the SocketLabs Email Designer.
Drag and drop is here
Our Email Designer enables anyone to create great looking email content that renders successfully across modern (and even not-so-modern) mail readers.

The newest changes take the Designer to a whole new level, giving you:

More Control & Flexibility: We want your emails to be designed exactly to your needs. To make this possible, we’re giving you more freedom to control how your email looks.

Faster Results: We know that time is valuable and scarce. For that reason, we’ve made it so much easier to get more out of our Email Designer with less effort.

That’s what we’ve done, but now let us quickly show you a few of the big changes that we made. Below, we’ll create an email from a blank canvas using Sections & Elements.

Build fluid email layouts with drag and drop sections

Before today, you primarily used Snippets to create your email.

While Snippets made it incredibly easy to create email content, we wanted to give you more flexibility over your content, and that’s exactly what Sections will do for you.

When you start using Sections, you will quickly discover just how flexible Sections have made the Designer.

In the short video below, we’ll build a sophisticated email layout with multiple columns and rows by simply dragging sections anywhere on the canvas.
Building email with sections

Now that we have built the layout with Sections, it’s time to add Elements to the canvas.

The newest update also enables you to drag and drop Elements between various Sections in your message

Elements can be placed anywhere within Sections. Elements include things such as text, images, buttons, dividers, and lists.

Now let’s build upon our blank canvas by adding some elements:
Add Elements

Drag and drop has also been enhanced to make the Designer more intuitive than ever before

We wanted to give you more control over how you build your content so you can get faster results. To accomplish this, we’re giving you enhanced drag and drop capabilities.

With enhanced drag and drop capabilities you can move elements between sections, drag elements to the trash, and completely rearrange the layout of your content.
Drag and drop enhancements

More changes to come

We’d love to say “that’s it”… but it’s really not.

We just covered the big changes, but there were many more enhancements. From feature improvements (like better URL handling) and cosmetic UI improvements, to completely rewriting the Designer in AngularJS.

You’ll just have to experience the newest updates yourself.

If you’re already a SocketLabs user, then you can try the designer for yourself by logging into your control panel and creating a new email.

If you’re not a SocketLabs user, then you can try the Email Designer by clicking here to Create a Free Account.

We are just getting started. Stay tuned for more enhancements to the Designer! In the meantime, enjoy the new updates.

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