Hurricane MTA Server 2.0 Feature Highlight – HTTP Event Engine

One of the cool new features of the Hurricane MTA Server 2.0 release is the new HTTP Event Engine.  What’s cool about the Event Engine is that you can now have Hurricane MTA Server send your application delivery events like sent, bounced, failed and feedback loops directly, in real-time without having to parse log files or write any .Net plug-in code.  The Event Engine can send real-time events via HTTP or HTTPS POST messages directly to your application.  The major benefits of using the Event Engine over other forms of delivery notification are:

  • Platform Independence – most languages and operating systems these days support HTTP/S. The Event Engine makes it easy for any application running on any operating system to easily integrate delivery events.
  • Standard Protocol – HTTP is standard across all operating systems and programming languages. There is no need to leverage proprietary API’s or the need to write your own custom code to capture email delivery events.
  • Fast and Efficient – HTTP is a simple protocol. It’s fast and efficient so that even events associated with larger email campaigns can be handled easily in real-time.

Configuring the Event Engine is simple. There is a very simple configuration screen in the HMS admin console to set up what events to subscribe to and where to send the events. You will find this configuration screen by editing your account settings and selecting HTTP Messaging and Events from the settings drop down.

To receive HTTP event messages, you must:

  1. enable the HTTP Engine
  2. define the event URL
  3. enable one or more events
The HTTP/S post will be set to the specified event URL as an HTTP POST message.  The contents of the post is x-www-form-urlencoded data. x-www-form-urlencoded encoding is the standard encoding used by web forms.  Most development environments will allow you access the values using built in request objects.  For example Request.Form[“Type”] would return the type parameter.
Here is an example of the raw data that is posted.

Each event will have a Type parameter with one of the below values.   The parameters for each event will vary and include events for Bounced, ProcessedSent, ProcessedFailed, FeedbackloopProcessed.

The HTTP Event Engine is an innovative new way to gather delivery statistics from your Hurricane SMTP server.  As more and more applications migrate to the cloud the HTTP Event Engine makes it very simple to integrate with cloud-based applications.

To learn more about how Hurricane MTA Server can help your business contact our sales department.

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