Hurricane MTA Server Updates

Over the past few months we have released some powerful new functionality into Hurricane MTA Server for our on-premise customers.

Delivery Rule Overrides

Delivery rule overrides enable you to globally override all delivery rules for an account. For example, if you wanted to change the throttling for an account to 50 messages per hour, per domain, per IP, you can do it here.

Each delivery rule override gets overlaid on top of any existing delivery rules that would otherwise apply.

Sender and Receiver Control

It is now possible to independently control an account’s ability to accept new mail and/or to send mail already in queue.

New Bounce Processing Engine

Under the hood is an entirely new bounce processing engine that is much more efficient and customizable than ever before. For most users this will be completely transparent, but for those of you who like to dive deep into bounce data, all of our bounces are categorized by codes now.

Restarts on Config Changes Minimized
We have optimized the internals so that far fewer restarts are required when making configuration changes.

If you have an up to date support contract and you would like to upgrade, with just a click you can easily grab the new builds with these new features by using the built in Update option included with Hurricane MTA Server.

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