Introducing SocketLabs New Inbound Parsing Service

Since the start of our SocketLabs On-Demand SMTP Relay Service we have provided outbound email message delivery only. Today we are proud to announce our all new Inbound Parsing feature.  This powerful new feature opens brand new possibilities for companies looking to outsource inbound message delivery.  For CRM, message board, or support oriented applications that accept and store email conversations the SocketLabs Inbound Parsing feature provides a fully scalable, fully managed cloud-based option to handle this important function.

The feature works by accepting inbound SMTP email messages, translating them into a defined JSON blob and delivering them to a designated web address via HTTP POST.  It is extremely simple to configure within your SocketLabs server to begin accepting inbound messages.  A full explanation of the JSON blob can be found in our API reference guide.  For a detailed explanation on how to configure your SocketLabs server to enable inbound parsing see our knowledgebase article.

We have also integrated important accounting and reporting features to support the Inbound Parsing. Customers will be able to view all inbound activity through the online control panel reports.  Any inbound message that cannot be delivered to their designated endpoint will be placed in queue and re-tried for delivery at a later time.  Integration is fast and simple and there is even sample code you can download to help get your integration effort jump-started!

Customers can begin using the Inbound Parsing feature immediately by accessing your server’s Reports menu and clicking on Configure Inbound Parsing.  For new customers, sign-up for a Free account now and give the Inbound Parsing feature a try!