DKIM White Label Now Available!

Two Greats Ways to White Label Your DKIM Signature

We are excited to announce not just one new way to support custom DKIM signatures within your SocketLabs On-Demand account, but TWO ways that you can choose from to best suit your business needs.  SocketLabs has always supported and will continue to support signing each message through our email delivery platform with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).  Briefly, DKIM is an authentication protocol that uses a public/private key pair to encrypt and decrypt a signature that is inserted into the headers of your email messages.  ISPs use this to identify that the domain of the sender of the message is not spoofed.  SocketLabs signs each message with a DKIM signature based on the returnpath domain of each message.  This returnpath domain is a SocketLabs domain since we are collecting all bounces that go through our service.  Using a custom DKIM signature on top of the default SocketLabs signature provides the following benefits:

  • Email Identity – some services like Gmail use the domain from the DKIM signature to display who is the sender of messages in the email client.  If the From domain and the DKIM domain do not match, your recipients will see a via [domain name] displayed under the message in their inbox.  By setting a custom DKIM signature to match the From domain this will disappear.
  • Branding – it may be important to your business that your customers are not aware of the use of SocketLabs as the deliverer of your email messages.  By customizing the DKIM signature you can brand your messages so that this component of your messages are congruent with your brands domains.

Custom DKIM Signing

We mentioned two ways to white label the DKIM signature.  The first and simplest is our Custom DKIM signature configuration.  This white label email service is simple because you simply need to add a DNS CNAME record of the DKIM domain you want to use that points back to the SocketLabs’ DKIM TXT record (see our Knowledgebase article on setting this up).  Once we can validate the CNAME record is in place and correct, we will begin processing your email messages using the customer signature.

This method is the easiest to implement because you only need to maintain the CNAME record and not the public and private key information within your DNS and our service.  The Custom DKIM signing option is only available on Bronze plans and above.

Advanced DKIM Signing

The second, more advanced method of creating a white labeled DKIM signature is in place for organizations looking for full control over their DKIM signing.  This option works by generating a public/private key pair for your domain, as well as creating 2 DNS TXT records.  SocketLabs provides a online DKIM generator to assist in this process.  The advanced configuration with your SocketLabs On-Demand account requires a domain name, selector name, and the contents of your private key.  For detailed information on setting up the advanced DKIM signing option see this article in our knowledgebase.

Using the advanced method of white label email marketing your DKIM signature gives you the most control over this process and allows you to rotate your DKIM signatures within your companies policies.  The Advanced DKIM signing option is only available on Bronze plans and above.

Our customers on a qualifying plan will find setup for both methods under the Configuration menu’s “Configure DKIM Settings” option within your SocketLabs On-Demand Control Panel.  If you do not have a SocketLabs On-Demand account you can sign up and try it for free!

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