Welcome to Our Free DKIM Generator!

Our DKIM wizard generates the public / private 1024 bit key pair you need to setup DomainKeys/DKIM. This DKIM record generator also includes specific instructions on how to setup the Hurricane Server and your DNS server.

How to Use this Domain Key Generator

To use the DKIM wizard, first specify a domain and a selector. The domain and the selector are not used in the generation of the public / private key pair. They will only be used to provide server and DNS setup instructions specific to you.


Use Free DKIM Generator

What is DKIM?

DomainKeys validate that the domain of the from address matches the domain that is sending the message. DomainKeys do not validate the domain of the return path. You must specify the domain that you will use in the from address (From: header) of your messages. (If you will be sending out mail from multiple domains, you will need to go through this process for each one.)

A single domain can use more than one set of DomainKeys. You must specify a selector which will be used to specify (or “select”) the set of DomainKeys you will be using to sign your messages. If you are only going to use one set of DomainKeys, it does not matter what you enter and you can use something like “key1”.