New Hurricane MTA Server Release Boasts Powerful New Features

Automatic Suppression Lists

The latest production release of Hurricane MTA Server adds powerful automatic suppression lists that boost your deliverability and protect your reputation by automatically blocking repeat emails to invalid addresses and email addresses that have filed complaints against you. This incredibly intelligent and automatic feature is out of beta and currently in production.

See this article for more information.

More Powerful IP Based Authentication and Account Mapping

Now, any account can be selected and authenticated by the source IP address. Simply edit the IP whitelist and add the account id to the end of the IP address separated by a pipe.

For example if you wanted all email coming from to go through account 1024, you would enter the following entry in the whitelist:|1024

Critical Alerts

System alerts are now broken out into two levels: critical and standard. Critical and standard alerts can be sent to different email address lists, making it easy to escalate critical issues.

The alert level of each Dynamic Block Rule can now be set to standard or critical.

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