New SocketLabs On-Demand API Released

I am pleased to announce the much anticipated release of our new API for SocketLabs On-Demand. On-Demand is SocketLabs’ cloud-based SMTP server platform. With a SocketLabs’ On-Demand account, users simply relay their outbound email to our cloud based server and let us take care of the rest. SocketLabs actively manages all aspects of your email delivery including bounce processing, feedback loops, SPF, DomainKeys/DKIM, traffic shaping and more. Customers are given access to their account through our web based control panel, and the new API.

The new Socketlabs On-Demand API enables software developers and application integrators to pull real-time data from their cloud based account. It provides easy programmatic access to outbound mailing data, from wide angle statistics right down to the individual message level.

If you tag your outbound messages with user defined data (in the headers) that information is also exposed through the Socketlabs On-Demand platform, including the API. This makes it incredibly easy for your application to get the status of an individual message or of an entire mailing campaign. The API is based on REST, making it completely platform independent. An SDK including the API documentation and sample code is included with the Hurricane MTA Server.

To find out more about the SocketLabs On-Demand service, please visit:

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