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Return Path Acquires Habeas

Return Path has signed a deal to acquire Habeas and it is expected to close within a couple of weeks.

According to Return Path CEO and Chairman, Matt Blumberg, “The one thing we do know at this point is that we will be maintaining both Sender Score Certified and the Habeas SafeList as separate and distinct whitelist programs indefinitely. So for now, it’s business as usual.”

Some of the benefits notes are:

  • increased scalability
  • more and better data products
  • expanded service levels
  • access to a broader “footprint” of ISPs and filters
  • greater base of knowledge from addition of Habeas employees

Return Path and Habeas are partners of SocketLabs, Inc. With the merger SocketLabs will be even more empowered to offer its customers extended deliverability services to augment Hurricane Server.