Seal the Deal with Email Preview Text

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We often talk about the mechanics of email and the nuts and bolts holding the entire email machine together. But before anyone sends an email…they need to, well, create an email, and that includes writing a great subject line AND email preview text.

Of course everyone’s first sign of success is a smooth deployment, then actual delivery into inboxes, and then they move on to opens. But a common misconception is the subject line does all of the heavy lifting to get people into the email.


Without good preview text, your subject line could fall flat, be it by clipping or just simply not being interesting enough. It can go the extra mile in teasing exactly what to find inside and making the email more visually appealing in the inbox.

What Exactly Is Email Preview Text?

When your email lands in your recipient’s inbox, the first things they see are the sender’s name and subject line.

Usually below these two elements, you’ll often find a small snippet of text – there it is, that’s the money. While it might not be the star of the show, it plays a crucial supporting role in the inbox drama.

Making a Mark with Your Email Preview Text

Just like a compelling movie trailer can get more people to watch the movie, an artfully crafted email preview text can significantly increase your email open rates. So, how do you make your preview text compelling? Here are some tips:

  1. Keep it short and snappy: Most email clients display between 35 to 140 characters of preview text. Make sure to convey your message succinctly within this range.
  2. Don’t duplicate the subject line: Your preview text should complement your subject line, not restate it. What a waste! Use this space to provide additional information or tease your email content.
  3. Incorporate a call to action (CTA): While the subject line grabs attention, the preview text can gently nudge the recipient towards action. Use persuasive language to encourage readers to open your email. Discounts inside, anyone?
  4. Personalize: If you can, incorporate personalization tokens in your preview text. A dash of personalization can enhance engagement and show your subscribers that your content is relevant to them.
  5. Test, test, test: Just like other aspects of your email marketing strategy, it’s crucial to A/B test your preview text. Use analytics to understand what works best for your audience.

Supercharge Your Email Campaigns with SocketLabs

When used thoughtfully, email preview text can significantly enhance your email marketing strategy. At SocketLabs, we understand the power of such small details. We also created some pretty neat reporting tools to help you analyze what elements you’re testing and their rules.

You can even try our platform for free for 30 days. Why don’t you take it for a spin and put these tips into action?

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