Suppression Lists Fire up Deliverability in SocketLabs On-Demand

A few weeks ago we quietly rolled out a great new feature to the SocketLabs On-Demand Control Panel. The new interactive Suppression List report allows you to view and manage your suppression lists.

We have been using an automatic suppression list for all SocketLabs On-Demand accounts since day one, but until now it was hidden and behind the scenes. In case you don’t know, our automatic suppression lists are an extremely powerful feature of SocketLabs On-Demand that dramatically increases your deliverability by:

  • Automatically blocking outbound email to addresses which have previously hard bounced
  • Automatically blocking outbound email to any recipient who has previously complained about one of your mailings

With the new Suppression List report you can see and search for email addresses on your suppression list, and even remove them if they are erroneous hard bounces.

Two things which destroy your deliverability are repeatedly sending to invalid addresses and sending to people who have complained about your email.

The SocketLabs On-Demand automatic suppression lists always work magically without any effort on your part. Now if you want to manage them, you have the option!

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