Domain Name / URL Changes for SocketLabs On-Demand

When we launched the SocketLabs On-Demand control panel in 2009, we began using the domain for the control panel, and then followed suit with the API. I am not sure exactly why we started using a different domain name. I guess we weren’t sure how we wanted to integrate SocketLabs On-Demand into the site, and we even entertained the idea of spinning it off as a completely separate brand.

We have come to a resolution on the matter, however, and will be integrating SocketLabs On-Demand into the domain immediately. We have built a strong name in SocketLabs, and our goal for this move is to reduce confusion and strengthen the SocketLabs brand.

Effective today, you can access the SocketLabs On-Demand control panel from We will automatically redirect requests from until the end of 2010 when customers will be required to use the URL to access their control panel.

Also, effective today, the SocketLabs On-Demand API will be located at We will continue to respond to requests on the old URL until the end of 2010 when the old url will be decommissioned.

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