New “Quality Score” in SocketLabs On-Demand

Each SocketLabs On-Demand account has a new “Quality Score” which is now displayed prominently on the control panel dashboard.

The Quality Score is a measure of how well we think your email is performing on a scale of 0 (worst) to 100 (best).

It is important to note that the score is based solely on factors relating to your email lists, content and practices. At SocketLabs we are doing everything that can be done from a technology perspective to improve your deliverability, however deliverability is also based heavily on the quality of your lists, content and practices. We (at SocketLabs) can not do anything to increase your Quality Score. It is based solely on factors exclusively under your control.

The Quality Score is based on a number of factors including:

How many invalid vs good email addresses you have tried to deliver to
How often your email is marked as spam
How often people complain about your email

The score is recomputed every day and takes into account a variable window of activity extending into the past.

This is a beta feature for now as we are continually working on improving the algorithm which computes the score.

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