How Transactional Email Can Affect Your Bottom Line

The delivery of transactional email in the form of welcome messages, email confirmations, receipts, and other notifications can often be overlooked or taken for granted in the grand scheme of doing business.  The reality is that failure to deliver these critical email messages to your current or potential customers can have a profound affect on the growth of your business and your financial bottom line.  For most online businesses email is the primary communication vehicle to your customers.  If they are not receiving your transactional messages you may lose them before they even get started.  Here are three ways that failure to deliver your transactional messages to your customers will affect your business, and ultimately your bottom line.

1. Trust

You’ve probably worked hard to get your prospects to convert through SEO, optimized AdWords campaigns, and landing pages. If you’ve promised the world to these customers in order to get them to convert, you had better follow through.  A big part of that initial experience is receiving acknowledgement that you’ve signed up or created that new account. Failure to receive that initial “Welcome” message can sometimes lead to prospects never getting fully engaged or potentially verifying their email address to confirm their sign up.  Having never received confirmation of their actions may lead to mistrust on the part of your potential new customer which may lead to them to look elsewhere for the services or products you provide.

2. Reliability

People in this day and age often view email like they did telephone service ten years ago.  They expect it to always be there and work 100% of the time. When you are unable to provide them with a receipt for the product they’ve just purchased or a verification email to validate their account, they will question you rather than their email provider; not the Internet nor anyone else.  The perception of your company could be forever tarnished by a customer who perceives you as unreliable for basic processes such as sending email.

3. Referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful business driver.  There is nothing like getting a personal referral from a customer that is willing to spread the virtues of doing business with your company.  When a new customer doesn’t get the email they are expecting from your service not only do they lose trust in your business, but they fail to recommend you to others.  Recent studies suggest that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy based on a social media referral.

By taking email delivery for granted you may be missing or losing real business. Because of the sophistication of anti-spam systems deployed throughout the internet, it becomes increasingly more difficult to rely on plain, ordinary email systems to navigate these systems and deliver your messages consistently to the inbox.  You can deploy the latest email technology and hire experts to manage it, or you can rely on SocketLabs to take care of everything for a low monthly rate.

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