SocketLabs’ COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

SocketLabs would like to share some important news and reassurances with our valued customers and partners

In light of the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, SocketLabs would like to share some important news and reassurances with our valued customers, our partners, and the many organizations around the globe that rely on us every day for successful email communications.

First, we would like to express our sincere concern and sympathies for the communities and individuals who have already been directly impacted. In addition, we acknowledge and share the sense of uncertainty that every human being is now facing in their personal and business lives.

Second, these very serious circumstances are pushing our lives – and consequently our communication needs – into uncharted territory. Virtually every industry – from government agencies, universities, and secondary schools to banks, healthcare, and technology firms – is changing the way it operates. In many cases, the changes are placing new demands on email infrastructure as businesses transition to fully-remote operations, or simply increase their communication frequency and volume.

While there will undoubtedly be new challenges along the way, please rest assured that the SocketLabs team does not anticipate any disruption in our service. We will be there to support you in every way possible. Also, please know that we have taken specific steps to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients, the community and our families. Specifically:

  • We are providing continued high availability and deliverability monitoring for our customers’ communications – even amidst heightened or unusual usage patterns.
  • We have already successfully implemented and tested a remote workforce plan to ensure our full staff can provide the same high level of customer service, irrespective of the ability to physically access our offices, while ensuring their safety and wellbeing.
  • If you are having any difficulty sending alert notifications such as this to your employees or customers, the SocketLabs support team is happy to help you and provide any guidance that we can.

Every day, we learn more as new information becomes available about COVID-19 and its potential impact. You can check in with us at for ongoing information about the status of our service. If we have any important news to share with you, we will do so as well. In times like these, we want to be there for our valued customers.

Please Exercise Additional Awareness

Unfortunately, times like this represent a great opportunity for bad actors. For example, we have noticed an especially sad and dangerous increase in spam and ransomware email activity and a spike in attempted platform access by nefarious actors. To be clear, this activity is actively monitored and flatly rejected by SocketLabs. These types of account violations are immediately flagged and the users are eliminated from the SocketLabs platform based on the guidance included in our Acceptable Use Policy. However, this is a global issue that every business will face in the course of regular email communications. Therefore, we are extending a warning to all: please consider the coming days a period of heightened risk where you must be extremely vigilant about phishing education and best practices within your organizations.

We hope that this note provides some clarity and the confidence that we’re working hard to continue to support our customers as the high-quality, high-volume email partner you rely on to support your business communications, especially in this time of crisis.

Be safe, be healthy, and I’m confident we will get through this challenging time together. Thank you for placing your trust in SocketLabs, we greatly appreciate your business.

Keith Hontz
CEO, SocketLabs