SocketLabs Releases Secure Link Tracking Capabilities

ASTON, PA (September 25, 2019) – Today,  SocketLabs announced the release of their fully scalable and secure encrypted link tracking capabilities.  This cutting edge innovation will allow email senders to enable fully-secure recipient engagement tracking with the flip of a switch. This exciting new advancement means customers can enable secure link tracking without going through a complicated and cost-prohibitive process of setting up a reverse proxy server to enable this feature. 

Following weeks of development, the SocketLabs dev-ops team created this intuitive, new engagement tracking capability using Let’s Encrypt™, a certificate authority run by Internet Security Research Group™ that provides X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security encryption. “We’re very excited to announce this innovation,” said Bill Volz, Chief Technology Officer at SocketLabs.  “It’s a real win for customers because we have streamlined the process by which TLS security is applied, and made it far more simplistic and sustainable for long-term security.”  

Many companies want the business advantages that come with a cloud-based infrastructure, but feel they have to sacrifice features like engagement tracking if they want to maximize security. SocketLabs’ approach completely changes this dynamic, allowing customers to enforce encryption in their email transmissions while still tracking their link engagement without sacrifice.  

“As an early adopter of cutting-edge security and encryption technologies, SocketLabs is ensuring that our platform innovation and our email delivery solutions are ahead of the competition in meeting customers’ needs,” Volz explained.

The announcement of this new engagement tracking capability follows SocketLabs’ recent press release regarding adoption of the MTA-STS standard for enabling email encryption, illustrating the firm’s ongoing commitment to email security. Want to verify that your MTA-STS is configured correctly for your domain? Socketlabs’ free MTA-STS Verification Tool will lookup the policy for your domain and connect to your email server to verify it will pass the published policy.

About SocketLabs

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