SMTP Relay Service

SMTP Relay Service

Reliable SMTP Relay Services

SMTP relay services are part of a complete system designed to maximize inbox placement of your critical email.

The success of your email campaigns depends on having an SMTP relay service that consistently delivers. An email must reach the inbox before it can be opened. SocketLabs offers you the tools and support you need to ensure that your emails are delivered exactly where they need to be.

Maximize Inbox Placement

Our innovative SMTP relay email service technologies and know-how can help you get more of your email into the inbox and avoid the spam folder. More to the inbox means more results. Our SMTP services can be the key to getting your email the priority it deserves so that it reaches your audience – each and every time.

Expert Support Standing-By

When you use SocketLabs, you’re never alone. Our team of bulk email experts are standing by to help you with your challenges. Our goal is your success and our 15 years of bulk email experience can easily be leveraged to get you there. Our support team is constantly working, monitoring the entire system to ensure that your SMTP relay service is available when you need it.

Fully Managed

Cross more off your to do list!  We handle all the heavy work so you don’t have to. You are not in business to manage SMTP relays; let us do it for you . We handle DomainKey / DKIM Signing, SPF / Sender ID, ISP Traffic Shaping, Dynamic Throttling, and more so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Delivery Insight & Integration

Our user friendly, web-based statistical reporting system gives you real-time insight into your delivery status 24×7 and our APIs enable you to integrate mailing statistics with your in-house applications. You can see the results of your SMTP relay service your way, on your schedule.

Every aspect of our On-Demand Email relay service is designed to promote your success by increasing the efficiency of your bulk mailing. SocketLabs monitors our SMTP relays to ensure constant, consistent functioning. SMTP relay service is just one part of our email authentication system.

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