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The SMTP Relay Service That Works Without Headaches

Powered by SocketLabs' proprietary Hurricane MTA.


High-redundancy architecture: 99.999% system uptime.

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Access to in-depth reporting and analytics.

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Reliable SMTP Delivery at Scale


Maximize Inbox Placement

Our innovative SMTP relay service technology is designed to make email delivery simple and effective. That means less headaches and more email reaching the inbox. Our hosted SMTP relay services can be the key to maximizing the success of your email.

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Deliverability Insights

Our reporting and analytics system gives full visibility into all aspects of your email delivery in real-time, 24/7. With our Email APIs, you have full control of your reporting with the ability to integrate our advanced reporting into your applications. You can see the results of your SMTP relay service your way, on your schedule.

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Every aspect of our email relay service is built around your success. SocketLabs monitors our high-volume SMTP relays to ensure constant, consistent functioning. Bulk SMTP relay services are just one part of our email platform.

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Fully Managed Cloud SMTP Servers

Cross more off your to-do list! You are not in business to manage SMTP relays; so, we handle all the heavy lifting for you. We handle DomainKey / DKIM Signing, SPF / Sender ID, ISP Traffic Shaping, Dynamic Throttling, and more so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Fast and Easy Integration

Sending with our bulk SMTP Email Relay Service is the easiest way to get started with SocketLabs. It only requires modifying your SMTP configuration. Simply plug your SMTP credentials into your application and start sending for free!

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