10 Extraordinary Facts About SocketLabs

To most people, email probably seems pretty simple, and email service providers probably seem rather ordinary. However, email is actually very complex…and SocketLabs is far from ordinary. In fact…if you listen to what our customers say about us…SocketLabs is extraordinary.

Here are the top 10 reasons why…

1. SocketLabs truly lives our tagline “The Science of Hitting the Inbox”.

This tagline embraces the fact that getting email to the inbox is very difficult and requires a blend of technology and ingenuity. We know from experience that success comes through what we call the three P’s: platform, (best) practices, and partnership. More specifically, our goal as your high-value email delivery partner is to help you successfully send email by:

a) providing a superior sending platform that incorporates the latest email innovations
b) enabling customers to follow best practices by sharing our knowledge and know-how
c) creating partnerships that help clients succeed in the ever-changing world of email.

2. Email is a daily battle; you and SocketLabs are the good guys

Email has essentially evolved as a cat and mouse game between two key factions: 1) those trying to do nefarious things like spamming and phishing and 2) those trying to provide a compelling digital communication service for their customers…like our best customers! We’re committed to helping the good guys win.

3. SocketLabs chooses our customers VERY carefully.

No, that’s not a typo. We choose our customers by only allowing the best senders to access and use our email platform. Here’s a related fun fact: over the 13 years we’ve been in business, we’ve declined more than half account requests that we’ve received. Ultimately, we try to treat SocketLabs like an exclusive club, reserved for only the highest caliber senders. The good news? Well, if you care enough about your email experience to read this message, then chances are you’re in the good half.

4. SocketLabs offers a hand-crafted, high-quality reputation.

While of course we conduct automated checks using our handy-dandy, custom-developed computer programs, real actual humans also review every single account request that comes in. This ensures that only the highest quality email senders are approved. Also, something that not everyone understands about cloud-based email is that your ability to deliver is directly impacted by other people on the same network; rising tides raise all ships. The opposite is also true. This is true whether you’re using our shared IP pools or have your own dedicated IPs.

5. SocketLabs delivers value, as well as email

If you’re reading this message, value is probably what you’re ultimately seeking. Ultimately, finding value is the concept that drives our every behavior. And, if you’ve requested a SocketLabs account, either your current environment isn’t providing enough value, or you’re doing something interesting and new, for which programmatic email delivery would add additional value. So again, I ask: What do you value? There’s often a different answer for every person in the organization:

  • System Administrators: Do you just want something that works? Something that’s not going to wake you up in the middle of the night?
  • Developers: Do you want reliable and accessible APIs with experts to help you out if you run into any issues?
  • Marketers and Analysts: Do you want amazing deliverability, actionable data insights and a partner in your corner?
  • Managers and Executives: Do you want insights at a glance, and the ability to know quickly how your email is performing?
  • Everyone: Do you want access to a real-life human and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

6. SocketLabs understands that one size does not fit all.

We know one thing better than perhaps any other organization on the planet: email is ridiculously complicated. And the complexity only intensifies over time. Because this complexity impacts every customer differently (and what people value also varies significantly,) there truly is no true one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why partnership is essential. So, whether you simply want a human to talk to (spoiler: we have plenty of those – as you’ll read about below – and we absolutely love to talk to our community) or want to host a dedicated environment, we are here to do as little or as much as you need as your email success partner.

7. SocketLabs offers a personalized experience, with people worth talking to.

Customers are often amazed when they call SocketLabs…because a real person answers the phone. It’s a small but important gesture that demonstrates our customer care. Whether you’re reaching out to ask a support question, inquiring about plan features, or wondering how you can drive your open rates even higher, we have a team that’s skilled in the science of email and are standing by ready to help.

8. SocketLabs is one of the only companies on the planet that built, owns, and manages our own MTA

We built our MTA from the ground-up, and it now has well over a decade of learning and evolution baked in. We have an intimate understanding of how to optimize email performance, including best practices that senders need to apply to  realize success. While there is ultimately only so much we can control from the platform side, we provide you with the knowledge and ability to successfully deliver email.

9. SocketLabs’ customers are provided a curated experience

From the very beginning of the relationship with customers, we help them ramp up their email volume and ensure that their sending reputation is successfully established. We offer a team of experts that works to segment and separate your mail streams. They carefully dial your sending volumes up or down to optimize the results for each mailbox provider/ISP. As your sender reputation grows on our network, we settle into a long-term observation and management process. Again, the fact that we own and control our MTA means that we can make extremely detailed, account specific customizations with relative ease. And, as the email landscape continues to evolve, this will enable SocketLabs to continue pioneering the newest and most valuable email innovations.

10. SocketLabs’ greatest differentiator is our value-oriented team and culture.

We’ve embarked on a new mission, to better understand our customers’ problems and provide curated solutions to meet their unique needs. We’re evolving past the idea of email as a single-point-in-time utility to seeing it as an extensive value chain involving various stakeholders and an unlimited number of opportunities for success. We are creating a new SocketLabs, built on an incredibly strong technical foundation with newly established, yet similarly strong, supporting functional areas. These include deliverability experts, customer success representatives, data analysts, a knowledgeable sales team, and more.

We expect we’re headed to exciting places and encourage you to come along for the ride. For the half of you who make it, welcome to SocketLabs. It’s one heck of a place.

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