Hurricane MTA Server’s HTTP / Webhook Event Engine

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Several months ago version 2.0 of Hurricane MTA Server was released. Included in this release was Hurricane’s HTTP Event/Webhook Engine. This engine is the first of its kind to provide a reliable, scalable delivery mechanism for high volume HTTP/S Post messages which are also sometimes called webhooks and web callbacks. Webhooks are the latest trend in cloud services because they allow web applications to notify users in real time when an event occurs.

Now with the latest release of Hurricane MTA any cloud service can leverage the Hurricane MTA server to get webhooks up and running in no time without the need to develop any complex applications. Not only can the MTA deliver these messages and retry periodically on temporary failures but all the great throttling features that the MTA provides for its SMTP delivery are also available. For example, you can throttle on messages per day/hour/minute and set the maximum number of simultaneous connections, just to name a couple. The Hurricane MTA also supports some of the advanced HTTP features like SSL/TLS, keep-alives, secret key parameters, and authentication. To make things simple the MTA supports both HTTP and SMTP injection of these messages.

Below is a simple SMTP protocol log of a post message being injected for delivery.

(Connected with localhost)
220 localhost Hurricane Server ESMTP service ready.
250-localhost Hello []
250-SIZE 0
250 OK
mail from:<>
250 2.1.0 sender  OK
rcpt to:<post@>
250 2.1.5 recipient <post@> OK
354 Send data.  End with CRLF.CRLF
X-XsHttp-Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
250 2.0.0 Message received and queued as 52a000000000002.

Once injected, this example message would have the MTA connect to and post the preceding form fields to the webhook.aspx page using the application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type. Full logging is available along with viewing the queue and each messages contents from the MTA’s control panel interface.

Hurricane MTA Server’s webhook event engine provides an entirely new message delivery mechanism for queuing and delivering high volume HTTP/S Post messages.

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