How Can An SMTP Smart Host Helps Solve Your Email Deliverability Issues?

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If your business is having email deliverability issues, a smart host service may be the perfect solution.  A smart host acts as an SMTP relay server between your own mail server and the end recipient’s mail server.  An SMTP smart host service can help overcome many limitations that arise when using a hosted ISP or email provider.  Some of the limitations that can be overcome by the use of a smart host include specific port blocking (usually port 25) and message rate limiting.  

Smart Hosts Help Solve Many Common Email Deliverability Issues

A smart host can also help improve email delivery.Here are some of the ways that SocketLabs’ SMTP smart host service can help solve email deliverability issues for your organization:

Improved Performance

As an SMTP relay server, the email smart host manages all connections to the receiving mail servers.  The only delivery point your own mail server needs to connect to is the SMTP smart host itself. This can improve the performance of your own mail server, as it is not constantly attempting to open and close connections with different mail servers for each domain.

Higher Inbox Placement

Using smart delivery rules based on SocketLabs’ years of experience delivering millions of messages to all of the major inbox providers, our smart host will deliver messages intelligently to achieve the highest inbox placement possible.

Built-in Email Authentication

Our SMTP smart host service automatically manages email authentication technologies such as SPF and DKIM.  Including these authentication technologies in each message is a great way to help increase inbox placement.

Email Hygiene

Our smart host automatically captures and collects bounced and failed messages.  For an added level of protection, every time a message fails due to a bad address we automatically add the address to the account’s Suppression List. This prevents future delivery attempts to bad addresses, which can have a negative impact on deliverability.

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Robust Reporting

Our platform provides a robust suite of easy to use reports and statistics regarding the usage of your email.  These reports can include delivered messages, failed messages, open and click tracking, and many more.

World-class Support

As a leading smart host provider, all of our capabilities are backed by SocketLabs’ team of technical support and deliverability experts who can help troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may encounter when using our platform as a smart host.

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