SocketLabs Updates On-Premise SMTP Server Software

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We are very excited to bring you the latest update to the Hurricane MTA Server (HMS) platform!  It has always been our desire to provide the most powerful, feature-rich SMTP server on the market.  With version 2.2, we have added some exciting new capabilities and expanded on more recent functionality that provides the most flexible SMTP server platform to integrate with in the marketplace today.

In 2.2 our focus was on Hurricane MTA Server’s tracking system and the ability to add pre-formatted content to your messages prior to delivering them.  We have added a great new Unsubscribe feature and have expanded support for open and click events. Below is a comprehensive overview of version 2.2’s brand new functionality.

Adding Headers and Footers

Version 2.2 enables the Hurricane MTA Server to automatically add text or HTML content as a header or footer to email messages before they are delivered.  This makes it incredibly easy to add CAN-SPAM-compliant footers to every message to ensure legal compliance, or to prefix a standardized company header to every transactional or marketing message sent through the MTA.  This feature can also be used for multi-tenant email marketing companies or CRM providers to help enforce industry compliance with your customers’ email messages.  Headers and footers can be configured on an account basis (virtual MTA) so you can have different content added through each, or ignore the feature entirely for select mail streams.

Unsubscribe Processing and Tracking

In version 2.1 we added support for the list-unsubscribe header in order to make the handling of unsubscribe events easier to manage. In version 2.2 we have expanded support to include the processing of an unsubscribe request via a tracked link that is inserted into outgoing email messages.  This feature is built on and expands on our already robust tracking functionality which previously included open and click events.  Now you can have your HMS not only process unsubscribe requests, but also track these events alongside opens and clicks.

New HTTP Post Notifications

Engagement events, including both the existing open and click events and the new unsubscribe events, are now supported in the HMS HTTP notification system. For those users who utilize these notifications to track the status of injected messages, it is now easy to add support for a new message type that provides engagement information for some or all of your mail stream.

Performance Improvements

As with every release, we have added several performance improvements in order to keep the Hurricane MTA processing ever larger mail streams in a timely manner. Of significance in the current release is improved handling of large suppression lists and improved performance by the open, click, and unsubscribe tracking functionality. These improvements both reduce startup time for the Hurricane MTA Server for improved maintainability and decrease the processing resources needed in order to encode engagement events into injected messages.

Current SocketLab’s customers who are under a support contract can upgrade to version 2.2 immediately.  If you have any questions regarding the upgrade process please contact our support team at [email protected].  If you are interested in learning more about what Hurricane MTA Server can do for your business or would like to setup a 30 day trial please contact our sales department.

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