New Injection API Brings Email Assembly to SocketLabs On-Demand

New Injection API Now Available

At SocketLabs we constantly look for ways to add value through new functionality to our hosted SMTP relay service SocketLabs On-Demand.  Our new Injection API is one of those value-added features that provides developers with a new, flexible way to inject outbound email messages into our SocketLabs On-Demand service for delivery without using SMTP.  The Injection API uses HTTP/S POST requests to define email headers and message content for the SocketLabs On-Demand system to assemble and deliver. Customers can choose to use JSON or XML to define outbound messages based on application needs or personal preference.

The use of the Injection API provides some advantages for developers when integrating with SocketLabs On-Demand.  One of those advantages is the use of custom headers.  SocketLabs On-Demand supports the custom headers MailingID and MessageID, but if there is a need for other custom headers they can easily be defined within your HTTP request.

The Injection API enables inline mail merge capabilities within a single HTTP POST request.  This is accomplished by defining variables with the desired field or fields within a request, and then defining the merge values either globally or for each individual recipient. Through the use of inline mail merging, a single injection can send a completely customized outbound SMTP message and header to many recipients at once. Subject lines, header meta data, message body, and more — there is no limit to the customization that can be performed through such a merge!

The new Injection API is in beta and available to all SocketLabs On-Demand customers by enabling access through the “For Developers” menu within the SocketLabs On-Demand control panel.

Full documentation including example code on the Injection API is available here.

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