2012 in Review

2012 was another great year at SocketLabs.  We maintained strong growth and accomplished quite a bit.  We poured a great deal of effort into improving both our hosted email delivery service and on-premise products.

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the notable things we accomplished in this past year:

Expansion into New Data Centers
We expanded into three additional data centers to further solidify the geographic distribution, availability, redundancy and performance of our email delivery services.  In addition, we developed a few key pieces of innovative SMTP software, such as SMTP load balancing and SMTP proxying to better manage the flow and distribution of customer email into and across our many data centers.

Release of Hurricane MTA Server 2.0
The new release of Hurricane MTA Server 2.0, our powerful on-premise SMTP server, includes many under-the-hood performance enhancements: a progressive HTTP event and messaging engine, over 100 new configuration options, and many other new features.  You can read more about this here.

New IP Addresses
We obtained a substantial number of new IP addresses.  These addresses are being used to better manage and improve email delivery for our existing customers and will support our growth into the future.

Over $50K in Charitable Contributions
Continuing our tradition of giving back, in 2012 SocketLabs donated over $50,000 to charitable organizations such as World VisionWater.org, Philabundance, Delaware Food Bank, American Red Cross, and others.

New Spam Scanning Engine
Our new spam-scanning engine was launched and is performing remarkably.  Early detection of spam is essential in protecting our network, ensuring successful email delivery for our customers, and the reduction in spam on the internet overall.  We continue to work diligently to fight spam and innovate in this area.

Launched a New Website and Company Video
We completely redesigned our website, and had a great time producing a video about our SMTP relay service, SocketLabs On-Demand.

Completely Rebuilt our Internal & Customer Facing Systems
Project Symphony was a major rewrite of all our internal and customer facing systems.  From a customer perspective, this new foundation was behind the scenes, yet it enabled us to rapidly develop new internal tools to better manage customer email and increase deliverability.  The Symphony framework is also the backbone of the new SocketLabs On-Demand Customer ControlPanel that was released this month. Going into 2013, this groundwork is enabling us to pursue some pretty ambitious new features at a very fast pace.

In Conclusion

Overall, 2012 was a very busy year for SocketLabs.  During the year, we were able to recruit some wonderful new talent to support our customers, develop our products, and further propel us into the future.  In 2013 and beyond we are looking forward to leveraging the new foundation we have built as well as the new talent on our team.

Ultimately, our work here is about getting into the inbox.  Our mission and our goal is to ensure that our customers can successfully deliver their email. That is why we do this work, and we will always continue to push forward in that pursuit.

To all our customers, associates, friends and fans – thank you for a great 2012!

John Alessi, Founder & CEO

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