Introducing Web Signup Forms: The Easy Way to Build Your Email List

See how we made it easier to build your email list by capturing email addresses on your website, using Web Signup Forms.

easy email list building with web signup forms

We’ve been working hard to make it easy to capture email addresses on your website so you can build email marketing lists.

And today, we’re pleased to introduce the Socketlabs Web Signup Form.

We eliminated the pain of collecting email addresses on your website.

Before today, it was hard for SocketLabs customers to build a list by capturing email addresses on a website. We heard from:

  • Existing users who want to take advantage of the marketing tools, but don’t have an easy way to capture email addresses on their website.
  • Marketers who need to build email lists using embedded and pop-up forms on their website.
  • Prospective users who need an easy way to build email lists from their website visitors, to further engage subscribers via email.

We listened. And today we eliminated that pain.

The simple way to capture email addresses.

The Web Signup Form is a simple and lightweight tool that helps you create opt-in forms without writing code yourself.

In just a few steps, it’s now easier to pump new email addresses into your SocketLabs account.

And we’re not kidding when we say that it’s easier to capture email addresses. Just look at how easy it really is.

Build Your List in 4 Steps

So how does it work?

This new feature helps you create your form without the hassle of dealing with complex code.

To build your Web Signup Form – simply choose the list where opt-in email addresses will be stored. You can even select more than one list!

Add your list

Or, create a new Recipient List on the same page, it can’t get any easier.

Choose your style: Embedded or Popup opt-in forms.

We’re also giving you the ability to create web forms using either the Embedded or Popup Form styles.

Choose your style

And we didn’t stop there…

You can set your Signup Form to appear when a visitor lands on your website, or after a certain period of time.

form options

Double opt-in helps you keep your list clean.

By default, your Web Signup Form requires subscribers to confirm their subscription. At SocketLabs, we really care about your reputation. Double opt-in helps prevent you from emailing unverified addresses.

We’re also giving you the ability to set confirmation options so the subscriber knows that the email is coming from you.

Double Opt-in

Use your own thank you page, or save time by using the default page that we provide for you.

With Web Signup Forms, you can set a thank you page for visitors who confirm their subscription.

Set your own thank you page if you have a custom URL. This is a perfect place for more information, an upsell, or to ask for a social share.

set your own thank you

Or, if you don’t have a custom thank you page ready, then try using the default page that we provide to help you get started faster.

Use default

Test your Web Signup Form without installing it on your website.

We won’t make you go through the hassle of installing your Signup Form on your website just to see how it works. You can test your new form right in your SocketLabs account.

To test your opt-in form, just click the Try It button and go through the process yourself.

Try your form

Get your Signup Form up & running, faster.

The code for your form will generate on the final step of the process. Just copy the code and add it to your website, or email it to your developer.

Generate code

Need more customization options? You can even customize your Web Signup Form further by editing the code.

We made it easy to build an email list without IT, but we didn’t stop there…

… We’re also giving you access to the code so you (or a programmer) can easily customize the design of your form.
Custom Form

Go under the hood of your Signup Form to:

  • Change the color, size, and text of the button.
  • Add a secondary call-to-action below the header.
  • … and so much more!

How to get started with your Web Signup Form:

Don’t have a SocketLabs account?
If you’re not an existing user, then you will need to create an account to start building your list with a Web Signup Form. Create your account to build your first signup form →

For current users who have an account.
If you already have a SocketLabs account, then getting started is easy. Just follow the directions below:

    • Log into your SocketLabs account.
    • Access your SocketLabs server.
    • Click the Email Marketing link in the header area.
    • Click Create a Web Signup form – This will take you to the Signup Form Builder, where you can start building your form.

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