Major Upgrade: User Permissions

Negotiations are over: You’re no longer required to be held hostage by unsafe and nonsensical user permissions.  

We now have user permissions that make more sense.

Think about it. If you’re a direct sender using multiple servers for different reasons, and they need to be managed by different people, do you want everyone to have free reign? 

If you’re an email service provider (ESP) or complex sender with multiple sending domains and/or subaccounts and you need to give someone access to a subaccount(s), do you really want to give them total and complete admin access to every single subaccount or account page?  

At providers like SendGrid, forget what you want. That’s your only choice. 

They’re like 

Not in our house. 

User permissions UNCHAINED! 

We’re giving you so much flexibility you can’t find anywhere else. Now it’s much simpler and safer to dole out appropriate permissions to your users than it is at say…SendGrid.  

Page access 

Let’s say you have someone in billing who needs access to, well, billing and only billing. No reports, nothing else. When you’re setting up this user’s account, now you’ll have the ability to toggle off access to other pages. When you turn the switch to “off,” you’ll individual page selections! 

If they only need billing access, only select “billing” and voila: managed account access without noise or risk of any collateral damage outside the intended function. 

Subaccount or server access 

For our current senders, you’ll notice we removed the preset options you had previously. Don’t worry. Anyone who had permissions will still have permissions, but you might want to adjust the levels per our new options. 

Anyway! Hypothetically, you want to give your marketing manager permission to access one of your servers or subaccounts but not all. Easy. Turn off the “all” switch. Want them to only have access to reporting? Bam, turn on those two from the drop-down list you unlock after turning off the “all” switch. 

User access game, consider yourself changed.  

Step into the world of options! Choices! Freedom! …all at SocketLabs. Sign into your account or switch to sending with SocketLabs to wield the power.